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Radiocraft is an ARRL grant-funded project that started in January of 2023. We received a $22,000 grant from the ARRL on 12/21/2022, and have been working on development and design for some time now!

You can track development, try out early alpha versions of the mod, and join the project on our discord server! https://discord.gg/7RejQDX2DG

You can also see our press releases on the blog page: https://radiocraft.w1btr.com/index.php/blog/

Alpha Testing Server Status:

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What We’re Doing

We’re making a mod in the classic game Minecraft that adds ham radios and lots of functionality alongside them such as radio propagation, antenna design, and more

Why We’re Doing it

For an in-depth explanation, please check out the proposal itself.

Where We’re At

The mod is not done. At this current time, the development for the mod hasn’t started yet. We currently have grant requests to the ARRL and ARDC in their system awaiting approval!

Why Such an In-Depth Project Proposal?

There aren’t many Minecraft mod developers that are also ham radio operators. We’re adding as many details as possible so that the developer does not need any prior experience with ham radio in order to complete the mod.

Project Timeline

  1. Mod Planning
  2. Getting Quotes from Developers
  3. Grant Approved
  4. Ironing out details and hiring devs
  5. Development Process 1 <We are here!
  6. Development Process 2

What we Need

  • Volunteers: Are you a minecraft mod or java developer with a passion for ham radio? We’d love your help! If you’re willing to volunteer, your hard work will really help make this a reality! Reach out on the contact page or on Discord!
  • Playtesters (Eventually)

Project Github:


Project Proposal:

Give it a read for the specifics if you’re interested. A lot has changed from the initial proposal to better fit the development process, but the core functionality will be the same!

Here’s a direct link to the presentation as well:


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